Auspiciously Wild
A small menu bar application for Mac OS X to control iTunes, Spotify or VLC. It's light-weight, simple, skinnable and has retina display support.





ByteController 0.9 (2.7MB)

64/32-bit Intel version
Retina support
Growl 1.3
Only tested on Lion

ByteController 0.8.6 (1.8MB)

Intel/PPC Universal Binary
Should work for at least Tiger and later
Includes hot-key support


If you want to make your own skins, download the default skin, right click the file and click "Show Package Contents". Replace the images you find in this folder, and edit the "Info.plist" file with your information.

Download default skin


Release Notes

Changes (0.9)
• Added support for Spotify and VLC
• App is now 32/64-bit Intel
• Removed support for PPC
• Removed Hot Keys (used Carbon)

Changes (0.8.6)
• Fixed Intel Crash
• A few new skins plus one user-submitted one
• French localization
• Traditional chinese localization

Changes (0.8.5)
• Play/Pause button updates correctly.
• Growl support.
• Fixed a bug in Tiger where clicking in transparent areas would not register.
• A new default skin to match Tiger.

Changes (0.8)
• A skin manager and a new skin system. Older skins are still supported.
• An option to hide ByteController when iTunes is closed.
• A few bug fixes.

Changes (0.6)
• Minor changes to the context menu
• Added fast forward and rewind function
• Mac OS X Jaguar (10.2) support.
• New Hot Keys: Increase Volume, Decrease Volume, Open Preferences and Quit ByteController
• A few changes to the Hot Key Combination controls.
• ByteController can now use F1 through F15 as Hot Keys

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